Getting Started

I will meet with you for an initial consultation to discuss your vision for the site, timing and your budget. This consultation is complimentary as it is a time when we will both be deciding if we want to "hire" each other. We may even begin a to work on design and layout if it is clear that we are going to move forward.

At our second meeting (which can be a teleconference or through email) we will decide on layout, categories and graphics. At this time we will be able to get an idea of how long the project may take and come up with a minimum cost. I will give you some guidelines as to what my expectations of your involvement are.

Regarding content of the site: While I do not have a formal background in marketing or advertising, I have been involved in a number of businesses and have done research on website content so I will be able to give you feedback and suggestions on the content of your site. If you have difficulties knowing what to say on your site, I can give you some guidelines and suggestions or direct you to where you might get some additional help. We will work together to present your information in a way that is clear, readable and allows visitors to get a true sense of what you have to offer.

We may meet several times and communicate by phone and email as we decide on layout, color and categories for your site.

Websites that are simple, easy to navigate and don't overwhelm viewers with too much information on each page are preferable. That is what I would like to provide for all my clients.
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